Do you wear a watch these days?

By | May 13, 2008

Would you ever buy a Patek Calatrava watch? Would you? I’m always fascinated by these devices, and quite clearly a lot of people still wear watches but I have a confession: I have four watches that I NEVER wear. In fact, they’ve all run out of batteries; and they sit forlornly in my cupboard, begging me to wear one of them… but I don’t … Why?

  • Because I have a mobile phone with the time;
  • Because I can always find the time on a PC or handheld device;
  • Because I have a clock on the wall;
  • Because I don’t need to remember the time exactly; and
  • Because the straps give me a real skin rash in the summer.
  • Oh, and metal bands are even worse when they catch the hairs on my arm.

Ouch! So I gave up wearing one completely. Though with Patek Philippe watches being quite attractive and fetching good prices in auctions, they might be a great hobby to collect.