2010/8/16 – No.53

The Real Taiwan: Dutch envoy and author looks forward to retirement in Tainan
真情台灣 荷蘭駐台胡浩德代表盼定居台南

Menno Goedhart, the former Netherlands representative to Taiwan, unexpectedly developed a fervent love for this island and its aboriginal culture during his research and exploration of his nation’s earliest settlements and interactions here. As he pondered the numerous fun and memorable events that he had experienced around the island, Goedhart decided to write a book, with all roalities donated to Typhoon Morakot victims. 《full text》

前荷蘭駐台大使胡浩德在尋覓17世紀荷蘭人在台歷史的過程中,意外發展出對台灣原住民文化及這片土地的熱愛,將其駐台八年來深入台灣各地的經歷見聞寫成「真情台灣」一書,可說比很多台灣人更了解台灣!駐台8年後於今年7月15日退休的他接受本刊專訪時表示未來將要定居台南,而其著作收入也全數作為八八水災賑災之用。 《詳全文》

NIA interpreter incubation programs initiated in various cities
移民署培訓通譯人才 各縣市陸續開跑!

To establish a multicultural living environment in Taiwan and provide convenient communication channels for resident foreigners, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) of the Ministry of the Interior has launched special interpreter incubation programs for immigrants. 《full text》

為營造我國多元文化生活環境,提供外籍人士完善溝通管道,內政部入出國及移民署特別辦理移民輔導通譯人才培訓,北區第一場培訓課程已於今年7月18日辦理完畢,本次培訓語言包括英語、越南語、印尼語、泰語、柬埔寨語及俄語等6種語言,共吸引60名本國及外籍人士參加。 《詳全文》

Exclusive customs counters for foreign residents make airport clearance easier

The National Immigration Agency (NIA) of the Ministry of the Interior added two exclusive counters for foreign resident certificate holders at Taoyuan International Airport’s Terminal 2 on June 11 this year (2010). This is intended to facilitate more convenient customs clearance for Taiwan’s foreign residents, including any ARC holders. 《full text》

內政部入出國及移民署為方便在台灣具有居留身分人士入境通關更為快速,自今年6月11日起在桃園國際機場第二航廈入境證照查驗大廳增設2個「持中華民國居留證旅客」(「RESIDENT CERTIFICATE HOLDER」)查驗櫃檯,供在台灣具居留身分旅客通關查驗。 《詳全文》

Upcoming August/ September cultural events

一起來看看八九月份有什麼藝文、節慶活動吧!《full text》

Check out the up-coming culture events in August and September! 《詳全文》

Ghost Month and Zhongyuan General Salvation Ceremonies

According to Chinese folk tradition, the seventh month of the lunar calendar is known as Ghost Month. The 15th day of Ghost Month is Zhongyuan Festival, when every household has to prepare meat, fruit, fresh flowers and other sacrificial offerings for their deceased loved ones, as well as other lost souls who have no living descendants left on earth. This practice is known as “Zhongyuan Pudu,” or General Salvation. On the last day of Ghost Month, a special “Grappling with Ghosts” event will be held. 《full text》

在台灣,每年的農曆7月是民間俗稱的鬼月,而農曆7月15日則是相當於西方文化裡萬聖節的「中元節」。中元節當天,家家戶戶都會準備豐富的祭品,並燒香焚紙,讓好兄弟們享受這難得的「假期」。而在農曆7月29日鬼門關當天,宜蘭頭城將會舉行頗負盛名的搶孤祈福活動,每年都吸引大批觀光客前往參與。 《詳全文》