Zopa: a great portfolio booster!

By | November 5, 2006

Wow! I was impressed with online investment! What a great idea… a peer-to-peer lending program that allows small lenders to lend money at attractive rates. The interest rates that you get will be much more attractive than simply lending money to the banks, and letting them do it for you! Zopa really facilitates the interaction between lender and borrower, and charges only a small fee.

Risk is reduced, too, by lending to multiple borrowers, so that, if there’s a default, only part of the money is at risk.I’d love to be a part of this system, because the interest rates are quite attractive, but since I live outside the U.K., I can’t. All I got is nice weather (most of the time).

Actually, I quite like this quotation and I guess now with Zopa, I can see why it’s true:

Learn to Invest Like a Pro: Why the Rich Get Richer – Yahoo! Finance

The lesson my rich dad was drumming into my head, and I mean to drum into yours, is that investing should make me richer every month, not poorer. It should put money in my pocket every month, not take money out. To him, it was a miracle that so many financial services salespeople could convince financially naive people that it was smart to pay money to invest.


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