Yoyos aren’t just for fun: But it’s bad if you do the yoyo diet!

By | May 14, 2010

Not only do dieters have to contend with never losing weight, fad diets, and an unhealthy diet, but it seems that if you are trying to cheat your weight to a thinner figure, you also have to consider the side effects of diet pills, and what they might do to your liver, especially.

Of course, the biggest side effect of any fad or pill has to be the bounce factor. What’s that? Where you simply go from the starting point weight to diet end weight, then you bounce all the way back to your previous scale (… and sometimes more so!).

I dieted from 94Kgs all the way down to 83Kgs, then I stopped exercising, dieting,  and in about three years, I had bounced all the way back to 95… and some. It’s tough, but yo-yo diets don’t fix the essential issues.