Yoga: That’s a stretch!

By | March 20, 2012

"I will admit that I am frugal. I buy really cheap yoga equipment. A friend of mine, who has a little bit more money to spend, usually purchases some pretty nice, top of the line gear, such as a good quality resistance band.

Well, one afternoon, I was stretching in preparation for a class when my friend let me use her expensive Manduka mat. I had never tried it before; I guess I didn’t expect much of a difference between my old clunker of a mat and this, supposedly, state of the art cushion.

I must admit, I was surprised. It was so comfortable, and switching back to mine before class started was a bit of a bummer. I’m still cheap, but I’m currently saving for one of those 100 dollar mats," writes K. Weiland.

I agree with Ken Weiland, because when you really need a piece of equipment for exercise, it is only worth buying something that is well-made, nicely designed, and designed to last. Otherwise, you’re just throwing away money. You’ll soon have to buy a new mat or resistance band or whatever