Would you rent out your house for vacation rentals?

By | January 2, 2010

Have you ever considered taking a vacation rental? I have, though I have never done it. If you can find a suitable place in a destination you want to travel to, it could be a good way to actually get to know a village or town in more depth. You don’t have to rush around from hotel to hotel or worry about where you are going to stay that night.

On the flipside, are rentals such as vacation rentals really money makers? From the customers’ point of view, you get a place to hang your coat, lots of facilities for self-catering, hopefully a good location. But from the landlord’s point of view, is it really worth doing this? You can only rent out the cottage or house for a fraction of the year, you have problems with guests damaging property, etc., . is it really worth doing? Anyone?