Would you redo your bathroom? I would…

By | March 5, 2009

We’ve been watching several house redecoration programs on Travel & Living Channel here in Taiwan. Some of the shows seem a few years old, though. One of the tips that we will follow next time we redesign some room in our house is to follow the three steps: Creating a plan for the room, Making a Mood Board, and Design the Finishing Touches.

The Bathroom

One of the projects we are now looking at is redoing our smallish bathroom, but with space at a premium, we’re restricted on what we can do. For instance, we could likely rip out the bathtub, replace it with a high quality shower unit, move the sink and create some storage. It’s difficult to think of the finishing touches: I’d quite like some marble, glass, but Hansgrohe fittings, especially for the shower would be a nice way to offset the loss of a bathtub. I’ll take some photos if we decide to go ahead.