Wither entertainment? One box or many? Who knows

By | May 30, 2010

I don’t know if entertainment centers are becoming simpler or more complicated. Can you tell me? A few years ago, people had a record deck, a cassette player and a CD deck and/or radio tuner. TV home theaters were separate systems and required different plugs and what not.

But at some point, both went digital: computers started outputting TV signals and music, gaming came on big time with the Playstations and Gaming Centers, and numerous set top boxes required pluging: Sky Digital, PVRs, IPTV boxes…. suddenly, with HDTV now on the scene, computers are finally connecting themselves to the TV, and the whole concept of entertainment has been integrated, subdivided, and spat out via various connectors, cables, signals and wireless, too.

Suddenly, the TV is the CENTER of the entertainment center, and CD players, tape decks, and a whole lot of other guff can now be achieved either through a sophisticated settop box, a gaming console or even your favorite HDMI-enabled media PC.  Meanwhile, home networks are taking the content and shoving it around the house on mobile, wirelessly or on the new iPads… Confused? I am.