Wiring vs. wireless – wiring is my current favorite

By | October 17, 2008

The wife is always creating a fuss, and no wonder. I have three computer systems at home, and I’ve had to string cables across the living room floor to the TV area, and to the study. Why? I bought a wireless unit for the house, but it was a piece of junk, that timed out every five minutes, severed connections and had to be rebooted the hardway.

So I relented, strung some CAT5e-type wiring across the rooms, and have been using Ethernet ever since. It is more secure, faster and easier to repair if there’s a problem. To anyone who’s had to struggle with ZeroConfiguration Tools on Windows knows, traditional wiring can be about as plug’n’play as it gets.

I’m happy. The Internet is fast at home, and I don’t have to shell out for yet another a wireless router. Though one day, with my new Aspire One, I may actually relent.