Winter Excesses: Don’t forget to compensate! Eat more fiber and exercise!

By | February 19, 2010

After the excesses of the winter vacations and Chinese New Year, I’m sure many people are suffering and longing for a little extra good health. Ever thought of undergoing a colon cleanse? It’s one of those old-new theories of health that if you can wash it, it must be good for you.

And who’s to say it isn’t good for you…

Except I can’t help thinking this another way for a whole range of ‘specialists’ to make complex what should be rather simple: eat properly, don’t drink too much alcohol, and get exercise.

All of these will improve the function of your colon beyond any supposed cleansing benefit. And while risks are minimal of problems from the colon cleanse, there is little or no documented benefit to the patient.

It’s really simple: eat lots of fruits/veggies and high fiber foods, avoid excessive fat intake, cut down on the refined foods; then get out and do some with that body of yours! Your whole body will thank you! And you will feel much better!