Windows on a Mac – Now that’s a bigmac!

By | April 9, 2006

I was very surprised, nay, pleased to find out that with the introduction of Intel chips for the Mac, first some bright sparks, then Apple themselves released products allowing Windows to run on a Mac. Bootcamp is one of three products that can do this. It's easy if you need to do this. However, I think I quite like the solution of running a hosted operating system when you can switch without booting up the OS of your choice! It's called Parallels. It's great to see this virtualization software being rested back from M$ who bought Virtual PC a few years ago, leaving only one other major player in the market. Parallels have products already for Windows if you want to run other x86 software. They're launching a product that will allow you to do the same on a Mac-Intel computer. It's not clear whether they will add functionality for Windows Owners to install and run OSX on a traditional windows PC. There is a group of people at work on this, too. I'd guess that the days of OS choice are coming sooner. We'll be able whether Gates or Jobs likes it or not to choose which modern OS to run, Windows, OSX or Linux (or another, or some, or all) on our pcs. This is going to be exciting! I know whichever way I choose I can still run Windows 98SE and use some of my 'legacy' programs without too many problems. I still have a lot of data in *.wps (old M$Works formats) without upgrading every year. Kenneth