Why oh, why? Why do companies scrimp and save on websites?

By | May 12, 2008

How many suppliers does your company have? We have four or five, but we do most of our business with one company (or two at the most)… Why? Simply. The alternative book suppliers for our business just don’t cut it: their service is poor, their pricing is dreadful (as are their discounts), and their websites are woeful beyond belief!

I really wish local companies would use some proper management monitoring systems to determine the success (and failure) of their products and services. Anyway, at least a sensible method to monitor budgeting, forecasting, reporting, consolidation, personnel planning and other financial functions in one solution would be a good choice…

I just hope that a cpm package would be able to make up for the stupid decision making of the companies. Unfortunately, the bosses at such suppliers tend to focus on saving as much money as possible. Oh, well. Me and my business will just take our business elsewhere.