Why do people complain?

By | November 19, 2009

Why? Why? Today I was at work, and I heard someone complaining about things in the education world and I realized. That’s not me. That’s not my energy. That’s not what I want to do anymore. There was a time when I spent too much time complaining about things: about the government, about the education system, about whatever it was. Not any more.

Did I move on? I think so. At some point, I decided to direct my energy to creating something positive in the world, to making a contribution, to trying to improve something somewhere no matter how small. Why? Because complaining doesn’t achieve anything. It really doesn’t.

And yet, here I am. Complaining. I obviously don’t see that departure point in my rear-view mirror too clearly yet. Some part of me is still attached to that point of origin. Yet, I also know that I have to get to a new destination.

Why doesn’t complaining work? Because it comes from having a sense of powerlessness, that it’s all you can do, that you have no say in the thing you are complaining about. It’s also directs your energy away from making a positive contribution because it’s much easier to do than creating a spirit of positivity about the world.

To some extent I have found myself attracted to the power of complaining about things, to find friendship, to find companionship, to know that things are shared by others, . I noted in my browsing of some forums, I always seem attracted to the posts complaining about things. I also see that I post too often complaints about websites, services, and products.

Why? Is this something I have to get over?