I used to think that asbestos was one of the most dangerous household substances to be discovered when remodeling your house. I’m not so sure these days. It seems that you can find an even more dangerous substance in anything from toys to domestic paint to plumbing (is that why it’s called plumbing?).

According to one source, poisonous lead can be found in about 75% of homes built before 1978. In fact, it’s even prevalent in many toys and other every day items. Now, it seems that you can buy lead test kits to help detect its presence in everyday objects and construction materials.

If you are remodelling a house and you find lead in the paint, or in the fittings or in the plumbing, you will need to figure out how to remove it safely as it can enter your body through air particles, and in water. If you find lead plumbing in your house, you may need to look at possible water contamination and make sure testing is done for that, too.