Where do you keep your wine?

By | May 15, 2008

The last few months, I’ve been drinking a bottle of wine or so every few weeks with my charming wife. It’s been quite a discovery to go to the local supermarket (Carrefour) in Taiwan, and Costco and discover a widening range of wines (mostly from the New World), but with some from Europe.

We don’t always get a good selection of whites or rose, but Taiwanese tend to like to drink red wines for the health benefits and status. We can usually pick up some decent wines for about NT$300~400 per bottle in the supermarket. A few hundred dollars more merits a better wine, but so far I haven’t been particularly disappointed with any of the wines I bought.

Living in an apartment building like we do means that having a wine cellar is quite impossible (unless we buy the neighbors’ apartment under ours!), dig one under the B3 parking lot or buy some wine refrigerators. I’m kind of tempted to the last solution, but need some advice… Of course, with a supermarket just around the corner, and most wine produced for best results within a year or two, it hardly seems worth it…

Go on, convince me!