What’s your favorite audio conferencing system?

By | April 4, 2012

I haven’t used very much ‘professional’ audio conferencing, but for my personal needs I’ve found Skype to be a pretty useful and fairly reliable option.

Some of the other programs I’ve used are Ventrilo and GoogleVoice, however I felt Skype to be of adequate quality and easiest in terms of user-friendliness. I have also found that having a quality microphone is very important in terms of audio conferencing performance, so I would definitely recommend doing a little research online and finding a cheap, but highly rated microphone.  The mic you purchase can also help you do podcasts, and perhaps even improve your audio recognition, too.

I personally don’t have the need for a top performing audio conferencing from ActConferencing.com, so freely available Skype is the way to go for me, but more than likely if you’re reading this post you won’t quite feel the same.

Have you tried any other conferencing system?