I just don’t get Twitter at all. Everytime I login I see a mass of texts that look like discontiguous verbal twitchings of some feral dogs.

twittering idiots

See what I mean? Who cares a toss about someone twitting about their great day! Next up. Mashable talks about an article with a link – since it’s about Twitter, like I’ll bother. JohnChow logs in to boast about how much money he made today. WTF? JimKukral is the only person who knows what he’s talking about… Edlau talks about something that I haven’t the faintest idea about. JimKukral then tweets about some weather issue or other then makes a completely odd remark. Mashable repeats his link with another … and Edlau talks about someone I don’t know about. Really why do I bother?

The conversations are totally discontiguous, totally self-important, and a complete waste of time. Which is why I removed Twitter from my phone, and I doubt I care much about my old Twitter account. Worse, though, with the hidden TinyURLs, there is series risk of visiting links that will endanger your PC, your security and your identity! I just don’t know why everyone’s in love with Twitter. I can only assume it’s the same virus that affects people who see Ipods as God’s gift to mankind.

Two final thoughts: 1. in the UK, when you call someone a ‘twit‘ you call them an idiot, or stupid or annoying person. Of course, Answers.com also says that to twit is to tease someone or make fun of them. Pause for thought.

Oh, and now the video.

Enough said. Don’t bother trying to find me on Twitter. You can find me on FaceBook instead.