Whatever happened to NEXUS?

By | April 29, 2006

I'm still wondering about Nexus Journal. It used to pop into my mailbox regularly, but now it seems to have disappeared! Ahah! I found the new website address! It is at http://home.earthlink.net/~slschwartz/index.html

Susan Schwartz writes:

Teachers in Development

Welcome to the first web-based edition of "Nexus"! Eight years ago, when this journal was started, publishing via email made the most sense because it was practical and easy, and not everyone who had email had access to the World Wide Web. Now, however, the situation is quite different; not only is it easy to create websites, the prevalence of filters screening out spam email has caused many copies of the journal to bounce back even though they were sent to people who subscribed to "Nexus." As a result, and to provide greater access to the journal, it will now be published in this format. This issue focuses on what is involved in being a good teacher. Nancy Keranen's article surveys the literature on teacher expertise and offers some ideas on what it means to be an expert teacher. Andy Halvorsen then describes a training program for primary and secondary teachers in Albania which aimed to develop their teaching skills. Our regular book reviewers, Kirsten Schaetzel and Ruth Wajnryb, are on hiatus but Andrew Finch reviews a book that tries to explain why some teachers are "stars" and others are not. I thank everyone who has subscribed over the years to "Nexus" and hope that you will continue to read the journal here. Please let your colleagues know about it! I welcome your feedback regarding this new format.

Enjoy the journal.

Susan L. Schwartz Editor and publisher, "Nexus"