What kind of diet pills are multi-colored, multi-shaped, of various prices, and universally delicious?

By | May 6, 2009

Don’t you wish it was possible to have a a magic diet pill? Don’t you? Well, there are magic diet pills: they’re called vegetables and fruit!

Many people base reviews of so called wonder drugs for dieting on four criteria: price, safety, effectiveness, and consumer reviews!

So let’s see: Price.

Vegetables and fruit are available at various price points and locations throughout the entire world; they cater to most budgets, and occasionally can even be found free in the forests and fields!


Generally, if you’re eating known veggies and fruit, you have little to worry about, except possible contamination from germs, bacteria and pollutants. So buying ‘green’ is always a good step or even grow them yourself! Cooking vegetables usually handles germs and bacteria problems!


Well-known for their effectiveness, they are laced with nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and much more in delicious packages. Easily cooked and quickly eaten, they are highly effective in reducing obesity, cholestrol, improving longevity and sating appetites, if they are properly cooked. The west generally consumes far too few vegetables. The fiber alone is good for you!

Consumer Reviews

Well, ever since they were first discovered, ‘consumers’ have raved about vegetables, such that supermarkets, grocery stores, markets, etc.. all stock an abundance of them! And, consuming more fresh fruit and vegetables cuts garbage, reduces emissions (especially if they are local), and improves your life!

So why are you looking for diet pills? The best pills are in the grocery section of your local market or store, come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes, and are thoroughly delicious. Go buy some today… and every day.