What is the formula for calculating your BMI?

By | October 25, 2009

It’s quite simple actually. So let’s calculate it.

1. Find your height in meters (not centimeters). Convert your height to centimeters by multiplying by 2.54 if you measure in imperial inches.

2. Find your weight in kilograms. Convert your weight to Kgs by dividing the number of pounds by 2.205 (approx.)

3. Multiply your height by itself. So if you are 2 meters tall, then you multiply 2 x 2. Result 4.

4. Then divide your weight in kilograms by the result of step 3.

For example, my weight is 103kgs and my height approximately is 1.78m.

So, my BMI = my weight / ( my height x my height ). my BMI would be 32.5 or thereabouts. Easy right? Now I wish losing weight were as easy! Here goes.

BTW, I’ve made a little BMI calculator, too. Results are all here.