What brands of appliances do YOU buy?

By | July 12, 2008
Here’s an interesting list of Taiwan based tech products… It’s about A/Cs but I found the list fairly reliable in other products, too.

1. Toshiba
2. Hitachi
3. Panasonic / National
4. Sanyo
5. Teco
6. White Westinghouse
7. Tatung
8. Sampo
9. Kolin
10. LG
11. Samsung

I’ve bought lots of products in categories #1~4, and found them of reasonable to good quality, fairly durable and reliable but not cheap. #5~9 have been largely inexpensive but grossly unreliable or malfunctioned within the warranty period (but we never fixed), would never buy any product from these companies (sorry!). LG and Samsung products vary in quality, price and durability. I would NOT buy a Korean car because of poor quality of manufacture and difficulty to get parts… I suspect this applies to other products, too.

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