Weird Registration Plates in Taiwan

By | June 5, 2010

I pulled up behind a silver Merc in Taipei and I read the registration plate:


which of course means: long, long, (9-9) and you, you (0-0).

These numbers are generally complimentary, wishing you a long long life!

But the last two letters were very embarrassing.

V followed by D

So the entire plate reads “9..9..0..0..V..D”. How funny is that?

Clearly, the driver is unaware of the meaning of ‘VD’ in English’ or (s)he’d know that (s)he’s wishing all the people around to have a sexual disease for ever!

I wonder why the license registration bureau of Taiwan allows embarrassing number plates… But it makes a good post! Tomorrow when I get my licenses renewed, I’ll be asking the DMV here in Taipei.