Weight Loss Failure?

By | November 17, 2023

So has it been a failure? Let’s take a look.

On the face of it, 1.3kgs averaged weight loss over 7 days doesn’t look impressive, does it? Add to that the fact that my calories burned are 9.3% less, while my move time is 27% less than in March~May.

Well, here is some good news: I’m much fitter again. I cycle and walk at least once a day. My stamina is up: we recently biked over 20kms in one afternoon and notched up 10,000 steps ON THE SAME DAY. My weight has stabilized and reduced a touch since 9/1 so it’s reassuring to know that it hasn’t ballooned. I also don’t much junk food any more, I cut the carbs a lot, and I think I try to eat more f&v.

But the challenge remains: my calories burned equates to 220 less per day. Over 72 days, that’s approximately 16000 kcal or 2.06kgs. That’s worth thinking about. Now, the question is: how can I burn close to 220 kcal more per day or save that?

Well, I can. I just have to boost the move time average by approximately 25% and/or add a higher calorie activity, such as crossfit or uphill training. Alternately, simply cutting out the equivalent of a bar of chocolate a day or half my lunch would work. Combining all three would bring the best of all worlds! Wish me luck! The battle is not over. By any means.

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