Warm Winds: Reminders of Summer To Come

By | February 21, 2010

It’s been a warm day in Taipei today, and there was a warm wind blowing… augurs of Summer are mounting, flowers are beginning to blossom after the winter chills… and I’m reminded of how pleasant the weather really is here (OVERALL!).


Our favorite spring and summer haunt is near the North East Coast, one of several beaches near Fuji Harbor. But there are a couple of beaches that are always popular with tourists (though there are a couple of others not far away that are pretty decent – and have NO tourists): LaoMei Village Beach, and White Sands Bay (the most popular).

So, we’re thinking: buy custom beach towels, a couple of decent deckchairs at Costco, an icebox, and a large beach umbrella. Then we’ll be able to enjoy some of those fantastic beaches BEFORE the hordes of students and tourists rediscover them in July!