Hi, Connie

I just put this together in case it helps you.

#1 – 1999 in Taipei – Useful for everything, including lost and found.

#2 – City govt. https://english.gov.taipei/

#3 – The Community Center (voluntary sector)
Helpful for all sorts of things and a good way to make connections in Taiwan

General Note: Tienmu – North of Taipei, near MRT Zhishan Station
Located in Tienmu, but Tienmu is (or was) home to much of the well-heeled expat community until recently. There are a few restaurants/stores that still display notices for those looking for students. Receptive market for ESL, SATs, and bilingual kindergartens.

#4 – https://tw.forumosa.com/
Communities with long history, black lists, and a whole bunch of stuff for ESL.
Jobs – https://tw.forumosa.com/c/forumosafieds/10
Legal – https://tw.forumosa.com/c/legal/dual-nationality/58
You may be eligible for a Taiwan passport (because of your father, I believe) but I’m not sure what the current rules are. It might be easier to apply than get an ARC.
This is one of many threads on the topic.

#5 – Working
Currently, under local law, it is illegal for foreigners to teach kindergarten classes (though many do). That said, it happens, but so do prosecutions. Ask for the current state of affairs. Sorry, that’s the bad news.

#6 – Jobs in Taiwan
In common with many things, Facebook has become the place to go to for this kind of information. So…

Non Teaching Jobs in Taiwan

Taiwan ESL teachers

English Teaching/Subbing Jobs in Taiwan!

Taiwan English Teacher Job Openings

There are quite a few more groups for ESL jobs, too.

#7 – You may wish to consider teaching English online here, the primary hours for kids are after school, i.e. 4pm~9pm. For adults, you can include lunch times.

#8 – It is very viable to build up your own clients’ list here. I’ve known many teachers do this over the years, even ABCs. Once you find your clients, and you get known, you will get referrals pretty quickly. I used to do it myself.

#9 – Some people use http://myu.com.tw/ for finding students.

#10 – Agents also exist, but are dubious in quality. Unless you find a really good one. I know the people who set this company up providing opportunities for teachers here.

Lastly, work those connections from SF, esp. friends & family connections. SF isn’t so far away from Taipei, and there is a lot of crossover in the tech industries.

Hope this helps.
Best Wishes