My monitor at home broke down rather suddenly. It started showing lines from the top to bottom and was totally unusable. Pity! I liked it, and it suited my netbook 100%!

Fortunately, I was blessed by two things – I had already got two monitors that were large enough: Viewsonic va1912wb monitors (a pair), and a system that supported two monitors from its VGA card! Nice! I wouldn’t have had the VGA card unless the old VGA card hadn’t broken down! How lucky am I!

viewsonic monitors pair

Of course, I didn’t intend to run two monitors from one system… I had intended to have two systems that looked like one, so they could do double the work in the same time!

But that didn’t work out initially because the other system didn’t support the weird 1440×900 screen resolution. It seems that this is the most common complaint that purchasers have about this LCD Unit. I was lucky though as I had two systems that could support the resolution already. The third system used the old Philips LCD monitor (the one that died!).

Anyway, once I had the chance to buy a replacement monitor then I freed up the old system monitor and I swapped one system for another and voila!.

It’s a real productivity boost because I can open things on one screen and work on the other, all with one keyboard and one mouse! The closest thing I could do before was the KVM switch I had, but that just toned down and ugly screen resolutions!

I’m now wondering how many screens I could run at one time in this study! I know that I can certainly keep two systems running (ie. three screens) without much difficulty… but more than that?