Upgrading Adobe Flash:

By | October 9, 2010

It seems that Adobe is using the ADOBE Download Manager to surreptitiously install not just Flash updates but McAfee Security Plugins these days. I’m not exactly sure why.

When using the getPlus DLM software on updating Firefox, I clicked the update not realizing or knowing that other software would be installed. Nor did I have any option to stop the download or installation of that piece of sh*t.

I used to use McAfee many years ago, Symantic and other Bloatware AVG and eventually swore off those programs!

So Adobe:

Please stop autoinstalling mcafee software … on my last update of Adobe I was advised I had to update Flash… but I couldn’t stop the computer loading McAfee …

Don’t do this. This is underhand, and dangerously close to spyware techniques of installing software that isn’t requested, isn’t wanted, isn’t needed, and isn’t used.