Typhoon in Taiwan

By | July 18, 2005

This weekend it seems there has been a real typhoon in both the real world and the world of politics.

Typhoon Haitang has come with really heavy winds, so heavy I thought our superstrong livingroom window would break, but we taped it up and everything seems all right for now. On Saturday, of course, the other typhoon was the election of Ma Ying Jeou as the new chairman of the KMT. He won with a large majority, more than 72% of the party faithful voted for him, leaving the other candidate in the dust.

This election was notable for several reasons: it’s the first time that the KMT ever held a chairman’s election like this, highlighting the fact that a younger generation is becoming more democratic within the party. It’s also notable that he won, because he lost his job nearly ten years ago as Justice Minister, because he was doing too good a job. It’s quite a comeback for him, but one he deserves for the good handling of Taipei City these last