tVadio: Community TV on the Internet.

By | November 9, 2006

Web TV @ tVadio looks quite promising. A lot of people have been searching for quality on the Internet in respect to TV programs. Apart from the terrestrial/cable/digital/satellite channels, there hasn’t been much Internet generated TV that reaches the same standards of quality as we’re accustomed. Google Video and a bunch of others that offer homemade videos of mentos and coke bottles just don’t interest me that much!

Through this I found BME TV which played quite well, and (typically) some restricted to the UK videos (that always sucks). It seems that the law hasn’t caught up with the Internet’s international capabilities yet! I was unable to view some stuff. Shame on you, Blueyonder!

I can sense the beginning of community/local/independent TV on the Net coming of age soon, much as Internet Radio suddenly became huge. This website is going to be quite different to the more traditional rebroadcasting website, I hope, like and

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