Trip down memory lane: we watched the mo…

By | December 12, 2010

Trip down memory lane: we watched the movie Ruthless People again last night. Really hilarious. There were quite a few priceless quotes including this one:

Barbara: So, when do I get out of here?
Sandy: As soon as Mr. Stone pays the ransom.
Barbara: What’s the problem? What is the ransom?
Sandy: Well, we asked for $500,000.
Barbara: That should be no problem.
Sandy: He wouldn’t pay.
Barbara: He wouldn’t pay?
Sandy: Then we asked him for $50,000.
Barbara: Yeah?
Sandy: He still wouldn’t pay. So now we’re lowering our price to $10,000.
Barbara: Do I understand this correctly? I’m being marked down?
[Starts crying]
Barbara: I’ve been kidnapped by K-Mart!

Then there’s this Classic Scene of Bette Midler.