Travel to the Bahamas: Variety, Sun, and Decent Hotels

By | June 2, 2009

jamaicaHave you ever wanted to travel to the Bahamas!? I know I have. Working with kids as I do everyday, I really need to take adult vacations from time to time to escape the perpetual childhood I seem to have entered. However, there is no fun visiting Disneyland or amusement parks unless you have young guests. But many holidays cater largely for keeping them young ‘uns occupied, but fail to find any suitable options for adults who get tired of sunning themselves on beach, watching cable TV movies, or playing endless rounds of golf.

So the question is: could a vacation to the Bahamas possibly qualify as an adult vacation? What elements does such a vacation need? Excitement, Adventure, Knowledge, People, Culture and a decent Hotel!

One of the most important features for me is the hotel! Over the years, I’ve stayed in some of the best hotels in Asia, and some of the worst. The Caribbean hotels look like they can equal the standards of the best any day. Of course, the biggest advantage is that they are located right next to the beach.


That’s pretty close. And they’d have to come with a whole bunch of facilities and features to keep me interested: Cable, Internet (but not too much), pools, great restaurants, etc. But once you leave the hotel, you also need the opportunity to find a new and exciting culture, way of life, even language. Since English is one of the official languages in the islands, it shouldn’t be difficult to get out of the hotel, and enjoy all the local area has to offer: clear blue seas, shopping, dining, scuba diving, great golfing, dolphin encounters, undersea adventures, even the Bacardi Distillery with its daily tours, and even the Versailles Gardens with its relics and statuary from Europe.

So I reckon a great break could be had if only for five or seven days. With such variety, all inclusive Bahamas trips would be just enough to rejuvenate my energy levels and inspiration. Are you coming?