Trade Displays: is it time to trade up yet?

By | January 25, 2007

Obblogatory Reading has been following the ups and downs of a start up company. You can read about their exploits here.

One of the things I noted was how often they had to attend Trade shows and Conferences. They had these great Trade Show Displays and I always wondered where on earth one would actually get one of those displays.

So I visited this website to see what they had: Trade Displays, Banner Stands, Literature Racks… and more than 9 other kinds of products to help your trade stand go with a bang! Though I had initial sticker shock with prices over $1000 for a display, this could in fact be a great investment for a startup. You won’t have to purchase additional equipment, and you won’t have to rent it each time. The cost savings could be quite substantial really. Now, I wonder… where do exhibitors get their displays?

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