The Future is Yours: Or is it?

By | August 26, 2010

We were chatting about Post it Notes. That was the reading today. I must confess it was, for the kids in the class, to discuss the importance of problems in the creation and identification of opportunities.

But first the videos:

… there are loads more at Youtube!

The story itself is worth reading but it does identify how problems give rise to solutions and opportunities. That problems themselves need not insoluble at all.

For those who are deciding whether to go to a formal college or pursue your degree online instead, this matters because the kinds of problems we face in society today: debt, environment, pace of change, … are all things that may themselves present huge opportunities for our future generations to find fulfilling, profitable and beneficial types of work.

For example, solving one of today’s: CO2. This may involve a range or technologies and ideas that encapsulate energy creation, distribution, storage; but will also include reclamation work, carbon sequestration, and environmental clean up. All of these will require the ingenuity of academic and practical science before we can consider them solved.

Let’s remember, though: in the problems are the seeds of our opportunities, if we are only brave enough to open our eyes!