By | May 16, 2006

This discussion group is for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, Literature and Arts.

This group's mission will be primarily to
1 provoke thoughtful discussion of teaching EFL/ESL and other education-related issues
2 make announcements of interest to the group, such as calls for papers, conferences, new materials, links, books of interest, etc. These may be mailings from the BBC, several journals, and other postings of relevance, etc.
3 provide a forum for our website visitors to interact with us and each other on issues of relevance to the profession.

We provide hundreds of messages and dozens of links for your information, so don't hesitate, sign up today!

NOTE: New members MAY NOT set their email to "no messages" for 30 days to prevent spamming.
Note: Spamming is not be tolerated here.