Taiwan What’s Up!

By | July 14, 2012

【On the Agenda】Taiwan Ceramics Biennale 2012

Discover 111 works selected from 54 countries for this year’s Ceramics Biennale held at New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum until Nov. 4 (Sun.). http://public.ceramics.ntpc.gov.tw/ 《full text》

「臺灣陶藝雙年展」即日起在新北市立鶯歌陶瓷博物館展出,展品包括一百一十一項來自五十四國的陶藝作品,展期至十一月四日。 http://public.ceramics.ntpc.gov.tw/ 《詳全文》

【On the Agenda】King Hu: the Renaissance Man
【本月大小事】胡說:八道 ─ 胡金銓 ˙武藝新傳

Kung fu movie fans shouldn’t miss the new exhibition “King Hu: the Renaissance Man,” that runs at the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (MOCA, 臺北當代藝術館) until Aug. 26 (Sun.).www.mocataipei.org.tw 《full text》

武俠電影迷不可不看的展覽「胡說:八道 ─ 胡金銓˙武藝新傳」,即日起在臺北當代藝術館展出,展期至八月二十六日。www.mocataipei.org.tw 《詳全文》

【Editor’s Note】‘Time for Taiwan,’ time for you
【編輯的話】旅行臺灣 就是現在 就是你

Almost three million visitors set foot on Taiwan in the first five months of this year, with travelers from ethnic Chinese countries, like mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, accounting for nearly half of them. 《full text》

統計數據顯示,截至今年五月,來臺旅客人數已達三百萬,其中來自中國、香港及澳門的旅客佔了將近一半。 《詳全文》

【Hot Topic】An int’l living environment
【熱門話題】英語服務新視界 打造優質國際環境

To promote quality English customer service in Taiwan, the Executive Yuan is launching the “New Horizons for English Services in Taiwan” contest, calling out for innovative and creative video clips presenting the theme. 《full text》

為了讓臺灣的英語服務環境更上層樓,行政院最近推出「英語服務新視界」的創意短片徵選活動。參加者可在兩個主題「英語服務新體驗」與「國際服務再升級」中任選一個參加徵選。 《詳全文》

【Cover Story】Tourism Bureau head knows it’s ‘Time for Taiwan’
【封面故事】旅行臺灣 就是現在

When you picture Taiwan in your head, what image comes up first? The captivating sunrise at Alishan? The hustle and bustle of night markets? Or the unbelievably nice stranger who answered your question? For David W.J. Hsieh, director-general of the Tourism Bureau, the answer is all of the above. 《full text》

當你在腦海裡描繪臺灣,第一個出現的影像是什麼?令人摒息的阿里山日出?夜市的喧囂?還是路上非常友善的陌生人解答你的疑問?對觀光局長謝謂君來說,答案是「以上皆是」。 《詳全文》

【NIA News】Asian forum on human trafficking held in Taiwan

For three consecutive years, Taiwan has been listed by the U.S. State Department as a “tier 1 country” in the prevention of human trafficking. American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Deputy Director Eric H. Madison expresses that Taiwan has been on the winning list for three years, and hopes for continued improvement in the future. 《full text》

臺灣已連續三年被美國國務院列為「防制人口販運第一級國家」。美國AIT副處長馬怡瑞表示,臺灣是上榜三年霸的冠軍,期盼未來要做得更好。 《詳全文》

【NIA News】Promoting Taiwan’s cultural diversity

Language is said to be the root of culture. In an effort to promote cultural diversity, the government of Taiwan encourages immigrants to pass on their heritages to their children. 《full text》

語言是文化的根。為了推行文化多元,臺灣政府鼓勵新移民把父母的文化傳承給下一代。 《詳全文》