Taiwan News: Chen Shui Bien’s Scandal

By | August 19, 2008

In the recent scandal surrounding former president Chen Shui Bien’s ‘campaign money’, Chen’s daughter has been making some very publich comments about the situation, some of which are undoubtedly embarrassing to her father.

Chen Hsing-yu said she doubted any Taiwanese politician had ever declared all of his or her campaign funding. quoted in Taipei Times Newspaper on Tuesday, Aug 19, 2008.

There’s more from the Washington Post, too.

“…The Taiwan story is remarkable, however, not just because it involves the fall of failed president but because it is happening at all. It underscores the fact that Taiwan’s democracy, while still plagued by corruption, is trying to keep it house clean….”

Of course, it’s an interesting story, but the comments are more useful than the actual article.