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Print, print, print: online or offline?

Our business does quite a bit of printing brochure, usually several thousand every year. Sometimes more. Some of these are made in-house, and copied on our printers. Others are taken to the local printing house, and done there. But I’ve never tried brochure printing online … not sure but I think I prefer the hands on experience of… Read More »

Online Degrees: Are they my cup of tea?

I love tea, I really do. But I digress… A few years ago, I spent a considerable amount of time researching Masters degrees in TESOL/TEFL and eventually chose a course with the University of Aston which had some really great courses. I really thought it was the best online degree for my chosen career. But it was almost… Read More »

Would you consider doing an online masters degree?

If it’s legitimate… and we’ve all seen the ads promising MAs and Ph.Ds for just signing your name… when universities start providing online courses, sometimes it’s difficult to separate the pretenders from the real deal. In fact, so few traditional schools do online education because of quality concerns for the students’ education. Many traditionalists feel that face-to-face interaction… Read More »