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Live in a steel house? Not in Taiwan

Many people build steel buildings for a variety of purposes, including steel residential buildings. But in Taiwan, I can’t help thinking that the long hot days might not make it very practical, as the metal tends to trap the hot air, and increase the internal temperatures. Many factory buildings here are built using steel or iron, and the… Read More »

The book is dead–long live the book!

Few people have not noticed the diminishing number of bookstores. We’ve had several in Tamsui close in the past two years, and many others have much ‘slimmer’ collections of books… it seems that bookstores as we grew up with them are about to go the way of the dinosaurs, CD stores, and other esoteric products. Most of this… Read More »

Windows Writer Live on Windows 7

Wow! I’ve been using the old Windows writer way too long, and I just updated the software on my new PC, wow! It’s got the wonderful strip bar from Office 2010~! I haven’t planned to buy the new Office yet, I just don’t need it!   But on Windows 7! I hadn’t realized what a difference the whole… Read More »