TabletPCs: A Website Review

By | October 18, 2006

I’ve long envied people who have cool notebooks, despite the ‘hidden’ costs of ownership (what if you drop it, etc.), but Tablet PCs are just the bomb. Really. Use them like a notebook, hold them like a book, type on them, write on them, drop them… No, seriously.

COOL! Given their expense, something of a premium on a regular notebook, I thought it’d be good to find a website that took some time to review ONLY Tablet PCs. Lo! There is one now.
Tablet PC Reviews offers Reviews, Forums, News, and a database, all powered by Joomla.

I think the database of information will become seriously useful as more are added. The database had a neat feature that could accommodate different feature sets in each model, a nice twist. The site itself was seriously fast on my connection, but the reviews themselves (of course) took you away from the website completely. Annoying, if you were looking for a good product, but then kept having to close windows that have popped open in front of your screen. I don’t think it will help you a lot!
Once done with the reviews section, a trip to the forums can help a lot to find out what issues a particular model has, as well as user reactions in each of the manufacturer’s sections. A VERY helpful feature.
A website that has a great deal to offer, but still a little rough around the edges! I’d give it three and a half stars out of five.

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