Suze Orman: Is her advice good?

By | May 2, 2010

I’m watching Suze Orman’s TV show on CNBC, and she recommended one thing that I didn’t think of before: to get better quotes for your insurance products, like home insurance, car insurance, term life insurance quotes, you need to keep a decent Fico Score of above 700.

I’m still not convinced, but I am wondering if companies see better margins on products sold to those who have a lower credit risk profile. Does this make sense to you?

She also said that you should try to use as few insurance companies as possible: I’m not sure that is always true, but getting better rates may be as much as phone call away!

How do you handle your insurance? We use totally different companies for each product, but I’m not sure what impact a decent credit score would have on us. Suggestions?