Each time I take a trip to Costco, I’m always impressed by the range and depth of their vitamins, supplements, and dietary products. They’ve got everything you could possibly need from Vitamin A to Supplement Z, there is only one real problem when you try to rake through the products on offer – no easy way to find out what these pills are for.

So, I head off home, a few thousand dollars richer for having not bought any of their ‘aids’. But each time, I wonder what some of the products could actually do for me. Unfortunately, I only shop there once a month since it’s a forty minute drive. After I get back home, research the top rated diet pills, and make a list, I forget where I put it.  Then next month rolls around, I’m no wiser and no healthier!

So, if you are shopping, do some online research first to find out which supplements and dietary aids actually are worth the money, and which ones are merely designed to separate you from your money. Oh, and don’t lose your shopping list!