Stormpay Sucks… Really

By | December 7, 2006

I used to be a customer of Stormpay, but I have quit in disgust. Eventually, I had $4 in an account there, which I couldn’t withdraw because of the change in terms (an additional $2.00 was required for a check – it used to be free as it was covered by the HIGH transaction fees). Then I was hit with a regular monthly charge for the account that reduced my amounts by $1.00. So overall, I was forced to pay out quite a lot of cash on money received., Accept Online Payments

1 regular account charges
2. changes of accounts
3. changes of acceptable payments
4. on and off again policies (eg.e-gold)

And that doesn’t include any chargebacks that other users have experienced in droves with their accounts. So, avoid Stormpay.