… because I wear them both. Yes. I’m a guy! Doctor recently diagnosed me with varicose veins (both my parents had them… and my poor Mom had terrible trouble with hers). I was recommended to wear medical support grade, but was informed by a knowledgeable SIL that they’d be ‘tight’.

Well, I figured I’d better get used to wearing any kinds of tights first. Given my adopted country’s humidity and heat levels, this was going to prove a challenge. I tried sports tights for guys (comfortable when doing exercise, not practical otherwise), cheap tights from the supermarket (complete waste of money),

I’ve persevered over the last 12 months but I’ve had to adapt my wardrobe. I bought some nice pants with 3/4 length very light material, lots of short pants (longer and shorter), and changed underwear styles. It’s still tricky to manage wearing tights under pants here, so I basically don’t try to hide them. No point.

Has it helped? Well, tights are tight, so I think my leg circulation has improved. I can’t help but feel that I have more energy when I wear them.