sort of a chain letter!

By | August 8, 2006

sort of a chain
This one’s fun, I swear! You learn a little about yourself with this one…

Get a piece of paper and label it from 1 to 10.

Okay let’s go, now remember you need to take your first thought that has to do with the question. Go with your brain.

1. What is your favorite out of these three?
a. cat
b. bird
c. dog

2. What is your favorite color?
a. pink
b. white
c. black

3. The name of a person of the same sex?

4. The name of a person of the opposite sex?

5. Do you like the mountains or the beach?

6. The sun rise or sun set?

7. Favorite number from 1 to 10?

8. Favorite plant?
a. red rose
b. fern
c. a dead one

9. Favorite season?
a. spring
b. winter
c. summer

10. Now, make two wishes. 


1. cat: you love yourself the most.
bird: you like hearing yourself talk.
dog: you put others before yourself. 

2. pink: you’re outgoing
white: you’re classical
black: you’re living on the edge 

3. They are your lucky star. 

4. You’ll become very very close friends with them. 

5. mountains: fast pace wedding
beach: slower wedding 

6. Sun rise: you’re a morning person and you get more done.
Sun set: you are a romantic and you fall in and out of crushes slowly. 

7. The number you picked is how many it will be till you find your true love. 

8. red rose: your life will be beautiful but sometimes thorny
fern: your life will be predictable and safe
a dead one: you’re one sick person! 

9. spring: you are a hopeless romantic
winter: you are a hugging kind of person
summer: you are a bare all kind of person 

10. If you send this to:

1 person, one wish will come true in a year
5 people, both will come true in two weeks
10 or more, both will come true in two days.

YOU HAVE 45 minutes!