Sometimes you have to do EVERYTHING!

By | May 13, 2008

In business for yourself, there’s a whole lot of things that you have to take care that an employer otherwise would have: cleaning, shopping, supplies, money management, regulations, … the list is a never ending drama of tasks and regulations that have to be met before you even begin your actual job…

Last night as we finished work, I still had to get out the floor mops and mop the entire floor (which I didn’t) of each classroom. It’s an irregular task that still has to be done along with cleaning the desks, whiteboards, chairs, and tidying up the teachers’ junk left on the tables. It only takes a little time, but I’ve noticed how each little task when done together takes up a much bigger whack of time.

We’ve tried hiring staff for this, but haven’t been able to attract anyone for this position. So for the time being, we’re reduced to doing it ourselves. At least when we do hire someone, we’ll know EXACTLY what they have to do, … and they can’t say “… but you don’t know anything about this job”.