So where are you headed? To work or to the Tropics?

By | January 10, 2010

With most of the western world embraced in winter snowstorms, it hardly seems the right time to be thinking about vacation plans, but how about a trip to cancun all inclusive?

It’s not so difficult to escape the colder climates if you can take the time off work or, like Caroline Middlebrook, you have a portable job! There are many warmer countries that are welcoming to travelers, whether they are short-term travelers or long-term.

You could, of course, choose Mexico; the Bahamas; Carribean islands (like Anguilla); for those in Asia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia all spring to mind as warmer destinations. If you are the kind of person who prefers travel further afield, the Southern Hemisphere is enjoying its summer right now making Australia, South America, South African countries, and parts of the Eastern Pacific quite tempting!

Unfortunately, I’m not as lucky as Caroline, so I’m stuck in relatively cold Taipei, where the temperatures have been about 10C all week. That’s freezing (for me!). Envious?