Some people claim they smoke because it helps them diet! That always surprised me as a claim until someone explained to me that smoking actually can suppress your appetite so you don’t feel as hungry. (Of course, that also includes those poor second-hand smokers who walk out of restaurant when their fellow-customers pull out the ciggies).

I can’t help think that it’s total madness to start one habit that is proven to cause cancer to reduce your appetite simply to curb another habit that is unhealthy. If you are doing this, perhaps consulting your physician who will help you battle both scourges, though smoking may be tougher to beat. If you are smoking as an alternative to taking appetite suppressant pills, please think again. Smoking more than likely becomes a life-long expensive and dangerous habit.

And if you doubt that, go to your local hospital, and talk to the smokers, ex-smokers and tobacco addicts that are gasping for breath but still want to smoke! Just meeting them will horrify you!