Sidewalks of New York

By | April 13, 2005

This movie is quite a charming movie, exploring the love lives of typical New Yorkers.

“Sex and the City’s” first series was filmed in the same vein with real life style interviewing of people on the streets of the city. I actually enjoyed that quirk, so it was a pity when in fact the format of the show was changed in subsequent series. I was glad to see that the format made a return in this movie, albeit mixing interviews with strangers and with the characters in the movie. It was difficult in the early part of the movie to figure out which was which. Also, I found it a little unnerving to think that these people were ‘actors.’

Anyway, the stories all revolve around one another in this movie in an entertaining way as each of the character tries to resolve different conflicting interests. I really enjoyed how the lives of the characters wove in and around each other at times. (why?)

Overall, a very enjoyable movie, I’d give it three stars out of five, mostly because it took me so long to find this one in the movie store…! 😀