Back in the days when I thought TESOL was all that I wanted to do I nearly signed up for an online bachelor degree. It was pretty expensive, and all told would have been a good thing for my TESOL career.

But that was before I became disillusioned with TESOL. I have been running a business for about 5 years, and I realized that most of the ESL businesses don’t care what TESOL qualifications you have.

I am thinking that TESOL in general is a dead-end career. So I’m advising: if you want to travel and see the world, do it. ESL is great for that. But after you’ve done, go do something else. It’s just not worth it in the long run to spend a significant portion of your life practicing ESL.

Get experience of other things, do other jobs, meet people, all of these will matter far more than some tenuous career in a country that may not really want you to stay, may not really want you to do your job too well, may not really want its citizens able to speak English fluently.

So give it some pause before you sign up for a life of ESL. And keep your experience broad as well as deep.