nokia n82Having just purchased a new mobile phone before Chinese New Year and still waiting for the credit card bill to come in before I pay it, I wasn’t in the mood to check out any more items on sale until I saw this!

The Nokia N82 on sale with 15% off! Ouch! But I guess that’s what happens when sale fever takes over! You see I already bought a Nokia N79 just at the end of January… Now it’s got me thinking: I wonder how long it will be before I’m able to buy the Nokia N79 at an even bigger discount. Let’s hope that I can figure out how to use the Bluetooth before that day arrives!

Perhaps it’s my ignorance but I wasn’t even aware that I was buying a smart phone. As far as I was concerned, I needed a replacement to my previous Sharp GX-31. But as the sales assistant explained, I got more interested in what the little Nokia could do.

The features that caught my eye:

  • 1. tethering: I could blog from ANYWHERE! With software installed, the USB cable and the telephone connected to my little PC, I could blog from EVERYWHERE!
  • 2. GPS: No more consulting out of date maps. Or at least that’s a hope! With GPS, PapaGo, Mobile Maps, and much more… I will be able to have turn by turn directions on my device whether I walk or drive!
  • 3. And I have plenty of space for my music… the only problem. My car hifi has no input jack, so I have to listen to the device via FM. That’s pretty crowded in Taiwan esp. on the west coast where there are lots of illegal stations crowding the FM band.
  • 4. I also installed the Gmail app on my phone… that’s just a brilliant piece of software. I can check my email accounts whenever I need. No need to turn on my PC.

There’s a whole bunch of extra functionality that I can go on about. But I’m still struggling with some features I only have a dim idea about. In class yesterday, one of my students (Grade 6) sent me a picture via bluetooth! I was flabbergasted… the student just sent me a picture of a cartoon character with such ease that it made me feel old. Oh, well. I guess I have much to learn. If you’re smart enough to buy one of these phones, take a look at the video!

You ready to buy one?